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The Club has a well groomed rugby court and holds rugby tournament for several clubs. Its sports room also indicates rugby as being its ancient game dated back to (1860) and rugby trophies are kept. The Club also has a Tennis court. The Tennis court not well maintained the underlying reason being not a major sporting event.


Well maintained snooker tables where the members enjoy their game. It’s a game involving balls on large table the player use a long stick to hit a white ball ad score points by knocking colored balls into the pockets at the sides of the table. It resembles the modern day pool table. The squash has a playing room. It is well kept room which operates on self-training basis.


We have 18-hole well lawned and expensive sitting on served acres of land and whose design is of high quality and the set up achieves ecological enhancement and blends well with the evergreen surrounding of indigenous forest as well as exotic. Replaced forest consisting of pine, cypress, jacaranda and eucalyptus trees which blends well with the indigenous tress and enhance a serene microclimate.


Club has a swimming pool manned by trained personnel who keep an eye on it members and guests enjoy the swimming pool and those interested are also trained. There is also swimming tournaments which are held in December. The Sauna is also a recreational facility offered where after sporting events individuals lie/sit in a room that is hot that makes one sweat an in-order to relax and clean their skin thoroughly.

Guest Rooms

Deluxe Double-Citizen
Ksh.10,000a night

Deluxe Double for CitizenDeluxe Double for Citizen

  • Incl. Breakfast
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Deluxe Double Non-Citizen
Ksh.11,000a night

Deluxe Double for Non CitizenDeluxe Double for Non Citizen

  • Incl. Breakfast
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Superior Room-Citizen
Ksh7,000a night

Superior Room Double for CitizenSuperior Room Double for Citizen

  • Incl. Breakfast
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